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Marcus Aurelius, denarius

This coin was unearthed by Phil Varghese, who asked for a valuation. Phil said it had been reported to and recorded by the Portable Antiquities Scheme (PUBLIC-B0F230).

The coin is a Roman denarius, which was struck for Marcus Aurelius when he was Caesar under Antoninus Pius. On the obverse is a legend reading AVRELIVS CAESAR AVG PIL F around the bare head of Aurelius. On the reverse the standing figure of Honos holds a branch and a cornucopia and is accompanied by a legend reading COS III.

This type isn’t in volume II of David Sear’s Roman Coins and Their Values. However, Sear includes only a few of the types struck when Marcus Aurelius was Caesar. In Roman Imperial Coins it is listed as number 429a. It was struck at Rome during AD 145-47.   


The flan is a bit irregular in shape but the coin is otherwise in good Fine condition. The types isn’t rare, so if this denarius was offered for sale at auction the pre-sale estimate would be unlikely to be any higher than £40.

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phil varghese
phil varghese
2 years ago

Great write up Peter thanks