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Henry III penny

Pictured here is a Henry III voided long cross penny. It was found by Philip Brear, who wanted to know what it could be worth.

On the reverse of the coin the legend isn’t altogether clear but WIL LEM ONL can be seen. The immediate possibility arises that the end of the legend could be VND, which would mean that the mint is London. However, the obverse die is a variety of class 3 and a moneyer named Willem was not an official at London during that class.

So, what is the mint? The part of the legend reading ONL points towards this penny being a product of the mint situated in Lincoln. Therefore, if the whole of the second part of the legend was visible it would read ONL INC.

The weakness in some areas makes it difficult to pin it down to a specific class. However, the most likely candidate is class 3c.


The reverse has been struck off centre and there is some flatness on both sides but the rest of the coin would grade good Fine. In it’ present condition a likely pre-sale auction estimate on Philip’s find would be in the region of £40 – £50.

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