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London quarter noble of Richard II

Andy Krzykowski said he unearthed this hammered gold coin whilst he was detecting in South Cumbria. I was asked for my opinion on its possible value.

Andy’s find is a London quarter noble of Richard II, who became King of England in 1377 after the death of Edward III. Richard was the son of Edward the Black Prince, who would have been king had he not died before his father(Edward III).

This quarter noble has a fleur de lis in the centre of the reverse, so it is an example of type Ib. In the Standard Catalogue it is listed as number 1673.


The coin would grade near VF but the flan has been clipped down in size and this is a significant minus point. It is still reasonably attractive but many collectors are put off if a coin has been clipped. If it was offered for sale at auction I’d expect the pre-sale estimate to be in the region of £1,000 and would hope that it would appeal to some collectors, despite the clipping.

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