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Halfgroat of David II

The detectorist who found this coin is known as Terry Torment by other members of his club. It was unearthed near the entrance of a field during a recent outing.

Terry’s find is a halfgroat of David II of Scotland, whose dates are 1329 to 1371. David came to the throne when he was aged only five, the year after he was married to Joanna, daughter of Edward III of England. After Scotland was invaded by Edward Baliol in 1332 David was forced to take refuge in France. He returned in 1341and in 1346 he invaded England but was captured and held prisoner until 1357, when he was released after promising to pay a ransom of 100,000 marks over ten years.

This haflgroat was issued during the second coinage, which commenced in 1357 and end in 1367. It was struck at Edinburgh and is an example of class A with a small young bust on the obverse. In Coins of Scotland, Ireland and the Islands it is listed as number 5105.


The coin is in better than Fine condition but both sides have been struck off centre, especially the reverse. Sadly, the edge is bent over and might break off if an attempt to straighten it was made. Despite the minus points, it still has some eye appeal. As it stands, in its ‘as found’ condition, my price range would be £70-90.

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