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John Cut Halfpenny

Oliver Jackson is the finder of this voided short cross cut halfpenny. Over the years I’ve had dealings with a huge number of people; I’ve met a few face to face but contact has mostly been via emails, letters or over the telephone. I’ve spoken to Oliver over the phone and we’ve corresponded via the Royal Mail but we’ve never met. However, what I can say in all honesty is that he is one of the politest people I’ve ever known. If he has a request then it is always prefaced by please and ended with a thank you. Oliver hasn’t got a decent camera but his sister, Sandra, has a smart phone so she takes the photographs and forwards them on to me. The excellent obverse and reverse images shown here were taken by Sandra.

When a coin is cut in two it is sometimes difficult to pin it down exactly. However, enough of this one is visible for me to say it is a coin of John; the moneyer is Rauf, the mint will be London and the type is most probably 5c.


It’s in VF condition but over the years detectorists have unearthed tens of thousands of cut halfpennies, so they are so common today that they are often on offer at £5-6 each.

Had this been a coin of Henry III the price would be £4-5. However, had it been a round halfpenny of Henry III then the price would have been £5,000-6,000.

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