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Edward IV Penny

John Bromley thought this coin could be an Irish penny of Edward IV from the Drogheda mint. Lots of the Edward IV pennies found in England are Irish and have markings that copy English issues, so it’s very easy to get them mixed up. However, whilst this penny will be a coin of Edward IV, it is English rather than Irish.

On the obverse there are quatrefoils (due to weak striking one looks like a trefoil) by the king’s shoulders and the legend ends with AnGL. On the reverse there is a quatrefoil in the centre and what can be seen of the legend reads CIVI TAS EBO. Therefore, this penny was struck at the archbishop’s mint at York.

It could be one of two coins: Edward IV, heavy coinage, Archbishop Booth (number 1987 in the Standard Catalogue); or Edward IV, second reign, Archbishop Neville (number 2124 in the Standard Catalogue). Whichever it is this is a very rare coin.


Unfortunately, its condition leaves much to be desired. The coin is short of flan, the obverse is Fair and off centre, the reverse Fine but weak at the edge. It’s a rarity but in its present condition I’d give it a price range no higher than £15-18.

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