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Henry VII Groat

Steve Smith is the finder of this rather attractive London groat of Henry VII. Most of the coins that come out of the soil show signs of being buried for many years. Some are still flat but most have scuffs, scratches or other defects. Steve’s find not only has none of the usual faults, it is nicely toned and looks as if it has been in a collection rather than in the soil.

On the obverse the king wears a crown with one jewelled and one plain arch. The mint mark on the obverse is an upright anchor and on the reverse it is an upside-down anchor. There is a possibility that the latter is struck over another mark but it isn’t clear enough for me to be certain. The inner legend on the reverse reads CIVI TAS LOn DOn, with a double saltire stop before CIVI and single saltire stops before LOn and after DOn. All this adds up to the coin being an example of class IIIc (number 2199 in the Standard Catalogue).


This groat is fully struck up on a round flan and would grade VF. A keen collector should be willing to pay at least £220 for a Henry VII groat as nice as this one.

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