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Henry V penny

This is one of two coins sent in be identified and valued by Chris Phillips. It’s a hammered silver penny, which dates from the reign of Henry V.

In the centre of the reverse is a quatrefoil and the legend on this side reads CIVI TAS EBOR ACI with a saltire after TAS. Therefore, this penny was struck at the ecclesiastical mint at York for the archbishop, in this case Henry Bowet.

On the obverse to the left of the king’s crown is a mullet and to the right is a trefoil. The only stop visible is a double saltire after hEnRICVS.

During the reign of Henry V most of the coins issued from the archbishop’s mint at York were struck from locally made dies, which are unusually not up to the standard of those produced in London. This penny belongs to series G (number 1790 in the Standard Catalogue) and the dies used to strike it were sent to York from the mint in the Tower of London. Pennies of this type are usually better looking and don’t have the ghosting on the obverse that shows up on most of the coins struck from locally produced dies.


Both the obverse and reverse are partly flat but good enough to grade Fine for the issue. This variety, without an annulet in one of the groups of three pellets on the reverse, is scarcer than pennies that do have an annulet. In terms of value, the coin should be worth £35 – £40 to a collector.

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