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Henry V Penny

This coin was unearthed the day before it was sent in by Colin Smith. It’s a hammered silver penny but its condition makes it difficult to pin down. It has been struck well off centre and there is a large flat area on both sides.

The coin has a quatrefoil in the centre of the reverse, so it must have been struck at the archbishop’s mint at York. On the obverse the king’s name doesn’t show up but there is cinquefoil to the left of the crown. The main clue as to the identity of this penny is the cinquefoil, which points to it being a coin of Henry V. However, due to the weakness at the other side of the crown I can’t pin it down to a specific class.


It’s always nice to dig up a penny struck for the king who scored a magnificent victory at Agincourt in 1415. However, as its overall condition leaves much to be desired, I’d price this find no higher than £20.

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