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DNW – Coins and Historical Medals – 9 February

DNW - Coins and Historical Medals

DNW held an auction of coins and historical medals on 9 February 2021. You can view the full auction catalogue and bid here. Included in the auction are two named collections:

Barry Woodside

In an obituary written by Stan Woodside, he says of Barry “His greatest interest was numismatics, particularly Irish tokens, which began in the early 1980s. I once asked why the interest in these silly bits of metal, and he explained that it was through tokens that he learned about Irish social history and geography. Any trip with him back home to Ireland would invariably be accompanied by a cry of “I’ve got a token from here”

Richard Plant

The Reverend Richard J Plant was a fellow Yorkshireman and writer on coins. He focused on making connections to the history, myths, places, objects and people on them. His writing career began in 1965, with an article for Seaby’s Coin & Medal Bulletin. He went on to write Greek Coin Types and Their Identification (1979), Roman Base Metal Coins (2000) and Roman Silver  Coins (2005). Fittingly, his last substantial book was A Numismatic Journey Through the Bible (2007).

Highlighted Lot

Lot 118, Stephen, Penny

Lot 118, Stephen Penny

This penny of Stephen was found at Skelton, North Yorkshire in 2019.

The obverse legend reads HENRICVS EPC and the reverse STEPHENVS REX. 

The coin was issued by Henry Murdac as Archbishop of York. Murdac’s appointment as Archbishop of York was to follow a troubled path. He was installed as the new archbishop in 1147 by Pope Eugene III. However, Stephen refused to recognise him. In 1149 Murdac met with King David I of Scotland to offer support for his invasion of the north of England with the hope that he would install Murdac in York. David’s plan to invade Yorkshire was abandoned and in 1151, Stephen finally recognised him as Archbishop.

Estimate: £10,000 – £15,000

Hammer: £18,000

Selected lots

Below are my other picks from the auction, with their hammer price. Some of these are detecting finds. In addition to the hammer price, there is a Buyer’s Premium of 20%.

Click an image to enlarge

Lot 30, Stephen Penny

On the reverse is a cross moline, and the legend SPEIN ON SNOT giving the moneyer as Swein and the mint as Nottingham. 

Estimate: £400 – £500

Hammer: £1,100

Lot 59, James 1 Crown

The crescent mint mark is scarce


Estimate: £400 – £500

Hammer: £750

Lot 79, Charles 1 Shilling

Lion mint mark. EBOR, for York mint, on the reverse

Estimate: £400 – £500

Hammer: £650

Lot 110, Iron Age, Penannular Ring

Found near East Harling (Norfolk) in 1976

Estimate: £500 – £700

Hammer: £950

Lot 119, Stephen Penny, Prince Henry Penny

The coin bears the legend N ENCI V CON (“Henry Count”). Henry was the son and heir of King David I of Scotland. Following a treaty between David and King Stephen, Henry became Earl of Northumberland and offered fealty to Stephen. Therefore, by the way of issue it is English but due to Henry’s heirdom it is classified as a Scottish issue. 

Found in Northumberland in October 2020. Detecting finds of Prince Henry coinage are rare.

Estimate: £6,000 – £8,000


Lot 149, Charles I Halfcrown

Tower mint, harp mint mark


Estimate: £100 – £120

Hammer: £280

Lot 216, James V Groat

Reverse legend reads  OPPIDV : EDINBVRGI – Town of Edinburgh

Estimate: £240 – £300

Hammer: £400

Lot 255, Ireland, Free state, Halfcrown



Estimate: £200 – £260

Hammer: £320

Lot 335, Merovingian, Tremissis

Contemporary plated. Obverse: diademed head left, Reverse: partial cross ancrée,

Found near Maidstone (Kent), October 2009

Estimate: £200 – £260

Hammer: £160

Lot 364, Konrad I von Velber Pfennig

Imitating an English short cross penny


Estimate: £400 – £500

Hammer: £700

Lot 604, Domitian, Denarius

Reverse: Corinthian helmet resting atop draped stool


Estimate: £100 – £120

Hammer: £130

Lot 614, Diva Faustina Senior, Denarius


Estimate: £100 – £120

Hammer: £150

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