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Henry V halfpenny

This is another coin from the group that Jamie New sent in. It measures about 12mm in diameter and he thought it could be a farthing.

The coin is actually a London halfpenny and it was struck during the reign of Henry V. On the obverse there is an annulet either side of the king’s hair, so the coin is an example of series D.

Most halfpennies of Henry V aren’t scarce and aren’t in very good condition when they surface. This one is an exceptional specimen and would grade VF. However, a minus point it that there is ghosting on the obverse. This is a very common fault seen on the small hammered silver coins of Henry V. It is caused by the deeply cut long cross on the reverse, when coins were struck the long cross sucked metal from the obverse, leaving a ghostly impression.


The ghosting would reduce the value of Jamie’s find but it is still attractive enough for me to give it a retail price range of £80 – £100.

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