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Edward I penny

This coin was unearthed by Michael Young, who said it looked different to the other Edwardian pennies he had found. Therefore, he asked me to identify it for him

On the reverse all that can be seen of the legend is VILL ABE (Roman letter E). The BE in the legend is the start of the mint signature for Berwick on Tweed. This town changed hands between the English and Scots on a number of occasions. This coin was struck late in the reign of Edward I or very early in the reign of Edward II.

Michael’s penny is very badly struck. The obverse is off centre, the reverse more so and both sides have large flat areas. One area does stand our very well: the bust of the king. It is sharp, clear, well executed and has a pellet on the king’s breast. It’s difficult to be absolutely certain but I’d say the coin is most likely to belong to class IVc.


Overall, the coin is not in good condition but is does have one saving grace: the portrait of the king. As it stands, I’d price it at £15 – £20.

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