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Henry V groat

The coin pictured here was sent in by John Lashmar to be written up and valued. It might look familiar to regular viewers of my website, as I’ve featured specimens of the same type in the recent past.

The coin is a series C groat of Henry V. As I’ve said before, groats of this type used to be very scarce but I have seen several as detecting finds. Therefore, whilst they used to be scarce out of the ground their scarcity has decreased due the high number that has been found by detectorists in the ground.

The latest specimen would grade close to VF but it is very short of flan. It might have been clipped or it could be full weight and too small for the dies. Whichever is the case, the lettering on both sides has most of the top sections missing. Another fault, though slight, is the ghostly line across the obverse, which is caused by a section of the deeply cut long cross on the reverse.


This is a coin that could have sold for £300 a few years back. However, so many specimens have appeared on the market over recent years that today I would price it no higher than £180.

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