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Henry III – cut halfpenny

This coin is a recent find that came in from Damon Ward. It’s a cut halfpenny and I was asked to provide as much information as possible about it.

Damon’s find is a voided long cross coin of Henry III. The obverse has characteristics that mark it out as belonging to class III. It is in pretty good condition but is missing a crucial element needed for a full ID.

On the reverse the legend reads ROG ERO. Therefore Roger is the moneyer and his name is followed by the first letter of ON, which comes before the mint signature.

Sometimes a name is on record at only one mint so even if the name is missing the mint is obvious. Unfortunately, an official named Roger is on record at Durham, Bristol, Gloucester, Hereford, Newcastle and York. So, I can’t say at which mint this cut halfpenny started its life, as the mint signature would have been on the half that is missing.

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