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Halfpenny of Robert II

This hammered silver coin was unearthed from soil in North Yorkshire on the 20th of January. It was thought to be a halfpenny of Robert II of Scotland but the finder, Patrick Goodall, asked for more details.

The coin s a halfpenny of Robert II, which was struck at the mint situated in Edinburgh.  Interestingly, the mint signature on halfpennies of this reign varies a great deal. The reverse of the coin is slightly double struck and I can’t give a definite reading.

Robert II halfpennies used to be very rare but over the last two or three decades I have seen at least a dozen as detecting finds. It would seem that the majority of examples were exported to England instead of being used in the country in which they were made. I have yet to hear of a single specimen being found in Scotland.


Patrick’s find would grade Fine so to a collector of Scottish coins it should be worth £80-100.

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