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Halfpenny of Henry VIII

Pictured here is the first of two hammered silver coins that came in this week from Barry Williams.

Barry’s find is a halfpenny of Henry VIII, which was struck during the second coinage. On the obverse is a facing bust of Henry VIII with E to the left and L to the right. The mint mark, which is on the obverse only, is a key and the coin was struck at York. All this adds up to this halfpenny being struck for the profit of Edward Lee, who became Archbishop of York in 1531.


This is one of many low denomination silver coins that used to be very rare until detectorists managed to unearth quite a large number of examples. Today, instead of being very rare, this coin is only scarce.

Barry’s find is a decent looking specimen and it would grade Fine+ for the issue. In its present condition my price range would be £35-45.

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