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Halfpenny of Henry II

This voided short cross cut halfpenny was found by Colin Pearson. 50 years since coins like this one were quite scarce but over the intervening years detectorists have unearthed tens of thousands of examples.

On the obverse of Colin’s find what remains of the legend reads RICVS. R. To the right of the king’s head are three curls.

On the reverse the legend reads BERT.ON. The first part is the end of the moneyer’s name, which in this case will be RODBERT.

Firstly, with the features just mentioned this cut halfpenny must be a coin of Henry II. It is sometimes possible to establish the mint and type from the moneyer’s name. However, at London a moneyer named Gilebert issued coins of class 1c and for Rodbert we have 1b at Lincoln, 1b at Oxford, 1a-b at Wilton and 1a-b at Winchester. I can’t be absolutely certain but I would suggest that the most likely class for this coin would be 1a4. This cuts down the mint possibilities to Wilton and Winchester.


Colin’s find is in VF condition and is an attractive cut halfpenny of Henry II. Unfortunately we can’t be sure of the mint but it has to be one of two. Pricewise, it’s only half of a penny, so despite the fact that it a very scarce coin, my price range would be no higher than £20-30.

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