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Halfgroat of James I

Damian Mcgovern said that the coin featured here was unearthed only two days before he sent it in. This joins quite a high number of coins that have appeared on this website very soon after they were found.

Damian’s find is a halfgroat of James I, which was struck during the first coinage of this king, who gained the throne of England in 1603 after the death of Elizabeth I. The type was struck only in 1603-04 and is far less common than the later halfgroats of James I.

On the obverse the right-facing bust of the king has behind it II, which is the mark of value for two pence; the legend reads I D G ROSA SINE SPINA. On the reverse is a shield of arms and it does not have the usual surrounding legend. The mint mark on both sides is a thistle, which is appropriate for a king who also ruled over Scotland.


The obverse would grade good Fine but the reverse isn’t quite as good as the detail is a little weak. In its present state of preservation, I would price it at £60 – £70.

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