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Half Groat of Henry VII

This hammered silver coin was unearthed by Colin Barton, who said it looked as if it had been clipped.

The coin was struck during the reign of Henry VII and is a halfgroat of Canterbury with mint mark tun on both sides. They were issued on behalf of King Henry and Archbishop Morton of Canterbury and any profit was shared between the two of them. A very high number must have been struck, for halfgroats of this type are the coins of Henry VII most frequently found by detectorists.

Colin said that his find looked to have been clipped. In actual fact most of these halfgroats look to have been clipped but they are usually of full weight but struck on discs of silver too small for the dies.


  The coin is weak in places but good enough to grade Fine. In its present condition it would be worth around £35 to a collector.

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