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Groat of Henry VIII

These two coins are from the collection built up over many years by Michael Young. Following on are ID’s and valuations on both finds.

Groat of Henry VIII

The first is a groat of Henry VIII, which was struck during the second coinage.

On the obverse is the younger head of the king and on both sides the mint mark is a fleur de lis.

In terms of circulation wear this groat would grade about VF but it has a couple of significant defects: there is a crack between the letter I and C of hENRIC and the edge is ragged by VIII. With these noticeable defects I’d price the coin no higher than £100.

Penny of Henry III

Coin number two is a class 7a-b voided short cross penny of Henry III.

    On the reverse the legend reads +IVN ON CANTERB, so Ivn is the moneyer and Canterbury is the mint.  As the moneyer’s name is very short the mint signature is much longer than usual. It would grade no better than Fair so my price range would be only £15-18.

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