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Groat of Henry VIII

Steve Simmons said this hammered silver coin came off a site on which most finds, even those of a recent date, are in a terrible state when they surface. If that is the case then he has been very lucky indeed to unearth this specimen.

Steve was very happy to locate this find as it is his first coin of Henry VIII. It’s a groat, which struck at York during the third coinage and has bust 3 of the king on the obverse. There is no mint mark on either side so it is number 2374 in the Standard Catalogue.

Most of the third coinage groats of Henry VIII that I’ve seen as detecting finds are in rough condition but this one is way above average.


There are weak areas in the legend on both sides but the bust of King Henry stands out well and overall the coin would grade about VF for the issue. My price range would be £220 to £250.

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