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Groat of Henry VIII

This is the last coin from the small group that came in from John Wells. It’s a London groat of Henry VIII, which was struck during the second coinage of this king.

Second coinages groats of Henry VIII are not particularly scarce but due to their quite attractive design they have always been popular with collectors. Amongst the varied range of mint marks those most frequently seen are fleur de lis, rose, arrow and pheon (sometimes muled). The only other mark used on London groats during the second coinage is sunburst but that one is rare.    


I’ve seen a number of Henry VIII groats as detecting finds but this is the first specimen with the rare sunburst nark. On this coin curved lines represent a cloud and lines stemming from it represent rays of the sun – hence a sunburst. John’s coin has some weakness in the legend on both sides but it is otherwise in near VF condition. If the coin had one of the common mint marks I’d have priced it at £200 but as it is a sunburst groat I would not be surprised if it sold for double that figure.

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