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Groat of Henry VI

Ian Powell said he purchased this coin from a detectorist. He thought it was a groat of Henry VI but asked for further details.

This groat was struck at London during the first reign of Henry VI. On the obverse there is a rosette before REX and a mascle after it. On the reverse there is a mascle before LOn, a rosette after DOn and another rosette after POSVI.  Therefore this coin was struck during the rosette mascle coinage of Henry VI.   


There is only a slight difference between the catalogue price of London and Calais rosette mascle groats. However, London coins are a good deal scarcer than those of Calais.

The obverse would grade VF but there is an edge defect and a short crack between the h and E of hENRIC. And, there is a scratch on the king’s face. The reverse is VF+ with no obvious defects. In its present state of preservation I’d price the coin at £120

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