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Groat of Henry VI

This recent find was unearthed by David Richman. It’s a rather nice hammered silver groat of Henry VI. David had already identified it but said it was difficult to ascertain the landowner’s share as there is a wide variation of values on the internet. Therefore, I was asked to provide a valuation.

Firstly, on the reverse of this Henry VI groat there is an annulet after POSVI and the inner legend reads VIL LA CALI SIE, with double saltire stops after LA and SIE. On the obverse there is an annulet either side of the king’s neck. All this adds up to the coin being struck at Calais during the annulet coinage of Henry VI.


This isn’t a rare coin but is an attractive example of the type with good eye appeal. On the reverse there is a bright area but overall this groat would grade VF. If it was offered for sale at auction then the pre-sale estimate would be no less than £120 to £150.

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