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Gold stater of the Dobunni

Steven Simmons said this coin was unearthed during the weekend of 17-18 April. He was going to take a clod-shop but forgot to do so as he was so excited when he saw the coin.

Steven’s find is an Ancient British gold stater of the Dobunni. On the obverse it should have BODVOC in bold letters but the B is mostly off the flan. On the reverse is a triple-tailed horse facing right, with a wheel below; there is a mouth and eyes above the horse’s back but they don’t show up fully.

In the Standard Catalogue staters of this type are listed as number 388 and in Ancient British Coins they are described as the Boduoc Bold type (number 2039 on page 104). The weight for the type varies but the coin pictured here is 5.5 grams, which is okay.

As already mentioned, only vestiges of the letter B can be seen on the obverse. There is a weak area behind the horse but the reverse is otherwise VF.

Update: the coin has been recorded with the PAS: WILT-80E516


The general appearance of this coin would benefit from expert cleaning and conservation. As it stands, in its ‘as found’ state, I would set a pre-sale estimate on the coin at £1,800 – £2,500.

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