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Gold stater of the Corieltauvi

Bill Wiggins said the coin pictured here has to be his best find ever. I was asked to let Bill have more information about it, including what it might be worth.

The coin is an Ancient British gold stater of the Corieltauvi. On the obverse is a wreath, cloak and crescents. On the reverse is a horse made up of lines, dots and crescents, with a star in front and a pelletal sun below. Therefore, this is an example of a North East Coast stater and the type is listed in Ancient British Coins as number 1734. In the Standard Catalogue it is number 29 under Early Uninscribed Coinage.    


This is a nice looking coin with good eye appeal and I’d grade it as good VF. In its present condition my price range would be £600 to £700.

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