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Gold quarter stater of the Catuvellauni

Justin Hayes said this coin was unearthed during 1996 and he wondered what it might be worth in 2024.

The coin is a gold quarter stater of the Catuvellauni. On the obverse is a wreath with two curved and two straight arms, in the centre are opposed crescents and in the angles of the wreath we have ANDO. On the reverse is a horse facing left with a wheel below and a burcranium above; the latter is only partially visible.

In Ancient British Coins quarter staters like this one are listed as the Andoco Crescent Wreath type (number 2718). In the Standard Catalogue the type is listed as number 263.   


The reverse has been struck slightly off centre and the obverse die looks as if it was worn or rusty when the coin was struck. The coin is otherwise in about VF condition and is certainly quite rare, so if sold at auction a likely pre-sale estimate would be set around £500.

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