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George IV half crown

Silver coins dating from the 19th century aren’t particularly difficult to find. They cover four different reigns: George III, George IV, William IV and Victoria. Sixpences are probably the most common but shillings, too, pop up quite frequently.

Pictured here is a 19th century silver coin, which was recently unearthed by Stephen Palmer. Instead of being one of the fairly common denominations, it is a halfcrown of George IV. It’s an example of the first type and is dated 1821 on the reverse.

Stephen said it came off a 20 acre field that has been searched many times before. Over the years it has given up a few milled silver coins but none as large as this one. Needless to say, Stephen was well chuffed when it turned up. In terms of circulation wear the coin would grade no better than about Fine. A couple of minus points are the scratch across the king’s neck and some damage to the edge. The condition leaves much to be desired but this is still a really good detecting find


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