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Friday Update – 22 January 2021


In the short time this website has been up and running I’ve featured a very wide range of detecting finds. Many thanks to everyone who has sent in their finds. It’s been great to hear from people who I have known for many years and also make new acquaintances. There are now 99 coins and artefacts in the Valuations Archive.

If you haven’t sent in any finds yet then have a look through your collections and pick out a few interesting items. They don’t have to be recent and they don’t have to be rare, all they need to be are coins and artefacts that you know from experience other detectorists would like to look at.

Tell your colleagues, too, that there is a new website specifically for detecting finds – plus articles, pre-and post-sale auction reviews, news, views, quizzes and much more. As yet there is not a single advert; if you want to see them then buy a detecting magazine, in which adverts make up half the content!

Valuations and Identifications

In this week’s edition there are 10 new valuations including my Find of the Week and Runner Up.

Find of the Week

Aethelred II Penny

Excessively rare combination of reign, mint and moneyer

Runner Up

offa penny Roger Paul

Offa Penny

Extremely rare type with no faults

Finds with a story

Ancient British Gold Quarter Stater

Ancient British Gold Quarter Stater

Amazing story of how this coin was found

Auction Results

Some important and rare coins were auctioned this week with some strong price being achieved. This indicates that the market for coins at the moment is good, particularly at the top end.

Lot 1142 - Oliver Cromwell, Pattern Broad SOLD

North Yorkshire Moors

Oliver Cromwell Pattern Broad sells for more than double the top estimate

Sir Rodney Sweetnam Collection of English Gold Coins

Jame II Five Guineas beats estimate

Henry III Gold Penny

Henry III Gold Penny

As featured in Detecting in the News, sold in an auction in Texas for £526,000.

Detecting in the News

Edgar Penny

Detectorist’s unique coin auctioned

A detecting find that advances the study of local history and numismatics

Quick Quiz

Each week I will be publishing a Quick Quiz of typically 6 or 8 questions on a particular theme. This week, with the auction of some important gold coins, the quiz is on the legends found on gold coins.

Gold Coin Legends

Do you know what the legends on gold coins mean?

Previous Website Updates

You can find previous website updates in News

Next week

Help with the next edition

Please help me with next week’s edition. If you would like a coin identified or valued then please see my free online coin valuation service.

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