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Farthing token of John King

The detectorist who unearthed this find asked to remain anonymous. It’s a 17th century token with a face value of one farthing. Halfpenny and farthing tokens dating from the 17th century turn up fairly regularly as detecting finds but most are in quite rough condition when they surface.

Within the inner circle on one side is a castle and the surrounding legend reads GVILDFORD 64 (an abbreviation of 1664). On the other side there is a woolpack within the inner circle and the legend reads IOHN KING IN. Therefore, this token was issued in 1664 by John King who was based in Guildford, Surrey.


This find is a bit weak in places but all the crucial details are clear.  In the reference work by Michael Dickinson (Seventeenth Century Tokens of the British Isles and Their Values) it is listed as number 104 on page 210. It’s quite rare, so in its present condition I would price it at £30.

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