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Farthing of Richard II

Roger Paul said he has just started to get out again. The ground in most places being like concrete has led to many detectorists being put off. And, the freshly cut stubble fields can be very hard work.

Roger’s first find of note of the new season is a hammered silver farthing measuring 9mm in diameter and with inner circles of 5mm diameter. It’s a London coin of Richard II. Some silver farthings aren’t as rare as they used to be but those of Richard II are still very rare.

On the obverse it is not altogether clear whether or not the head of King Richard has a neck. Therefore it is number 1701 or 1703 in the Standard Catalogue.


Pat of the obverse legend is flat but this side is otherwise good Fine. There is a bit of excess metal in the LON quarter of the reverse and a tiny chip on the edge in the DON quarter but this side is otherwise in near VF condition.

Halfpennies of Richard II turn up quite regularly but farthings far less often. Roger’s find has a couple of minor minus points but is still a decent specimen, on which a likely pre-sale auction estimate would be £250 to £300.

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