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Farthing of Edward I

This has turned out to be the week for very small coins as here is another one. It’s a farthing of Edward I and the finder, Martin Depear, asked me to identify it and let him know what it could be worth. Apparently, the landowner has taken an interest in it.

On the obverse the bust of the king reaches the edge of the coin and the legend reads +E R ANGLIE. On the reverse the legend reads LON DON IEN SIS, so this farthing was struck at London. It belongs to class 3g.

All the farthings of Edward I used to be at least scarce but today most types are fairly common. This is yet another case of scarcity being reduced due to the high number of examples being found by detectorists.    


Martin’s find is a particularly nice example of the type. The reverse has been struck off centre but the coin is otherwise in about VF condition. It has good eye appeal and my minimum price range on it would be £60 to £80.

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