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Brooch in the style of William IV

This find came in from Mike Ruczynsky but his brother, John, actually unearthed it. It measures 33mm in diameter and the attachments to the back point towards it originally being used as a brooch.

The front face has a crowned shield of arms set on drapery and at the base is ANNO 1831. The imagery is inset with enamel of various colours and the design is similar to that used on some of the gold and silver coins struck for William IV (1830-37).

Mike mentioned that King William had several children to his long-standing mistress but none to his wife. As he had no legitimate heir when he died in 1837 this led to Princess Victoria becoming Queen of Great Britain.


Had it been a complete brooch in good condition then it might have been worth around £20. However, in its present condition this find would be of minimal commercial value.

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