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Elizabeth I Penny

This little coin was unearthed by Tom Burton. It’s a hammered silver penny and Tom initially thought it was a coin of Philip and Mary. However, someone said it belonged to the reign of Elizabeth I so Tom wanted to know what I thought about his find.

Pennies of Philip and Mary and Elizabeth I are very similar, as both share the same design and the legends are almost the same. However, on the obverse the legend on Philip and Mary pennies begins with P.Z.M., whilst those of Elizabeth I start with E.D.G. The start of the legend on Tom’s find isn’t altogether clear but I could just make out E.D.G. so it is a penny of Elizabeth I. The mint mark could have clinched the matter but it only shows up on the reverse and isn’t clear enough to identify.


The obverse has been struck off centre and the bust of Queen Elizabeth is weak but this side is otherwise Fine; the reverse is Fine but the surface is party oxidised. In its present condition my price range would be no higher than £18 – £20.

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