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Elizabeth I, half groat

This coin is a recent detecting find, which was sent in by Damon Ward, who asked for a full ID and a valuation.

The coin is a halfgroat of Elizabeth I with an obverse legend reading E D G ROSA SINE SPINA. On the reverse is a shield bearing the quartered arms of England and France and a legend reading CIVI TAS LON DON.

Most of the denominations struck for Elizabeth I have no mark of value However, the sixth (1582-1600) and seventh (1601-02) issues of halfgroats have two pellets (standing for two pence) behind the bust of the queen.

Damon’s coin has mint mark key (dating it to 15495-98) on both sides, so it was struck during the sixth issue of halfgroats.


In terms of circulation wear the coin would grade Fair to Fine, so the condition could be better. There is also a crack in the edge so my price range would be no higher than £12-15.

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