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Edward III Quarter Noble

Roger Paul said this hammered gold coin was bent double when it surfaced. It’s a quarter noble of Edward III, which is probably the hammered gold coin most frequently found by detectorists. There are many varieties, this one being an example of the transitional treaty period.

This coin dates to only a few years after the English victory at the Battle of Poitiers in 1356. After this much booty was accumulated in France and shipped back to England. Additionally, many wealthy prisoners were captured, including the King of France, and the ransoms paid filled the English coffers still further.

The obverse of Paul’s find is in poor condition but pellets show up in the spandrels of the treasure. On the reverse there are four large annulets set at the corners of the central panel, which has a large pellet in the centre; this side is close to Fine condition. In the Standard Catalogue it is listed as number 1501.


The overall condition of this quarter noble leaves a good deal to be desired. On the plus side it’s a hammered gold coin, so it should still be worth at least £150 and maybe a bit more to a collector who couldn’t afford a better specimen.

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