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Edward III Penny

Chris Mcloughlin said he found this coin some time back. He thought it could be an Edward III penny of the florin coinage but asked me to provide a full ID.

On the obverse is a crowned facing bust within the inner circle. The legend reads +EDW R AnGL DnS HYB with annulets as punctuation marks. On the reverse is a long cross pattée with three pellets in each angle. The legend on this side reads CIVI TAS LOn DOn. These characteristics added together point towards this being a London penny of the florin coinage of Edward III – so Chris was correct.

In the Standard Catalogue this type (Lombardic letter n on both sides) is listed as number 1543. Even though the type isn’t particularly scarce, it turns up much less frequently than the earlier pennies of Edward I and Edward II.

The most impressive innovation of the florin coinage was the first ever issue of large English gold coins. For a number of reasons the issue wasn’t a success. However, the slightly later issue of gold nobles proved to be the first of many. The silver pennies of the florin coinage, though similar to earlier Edwardian issues, are distinctive and for the time more modern looking. Chris’s find is a very nice example of the type


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