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Charles I Half Crown

Paul Marland has had a few coins on this website and here’s another one. This is Paul’s biggest yet, for it is a halfcrown of Charles I.

The mint mark is not altogether clear but is probably a letter R in brackets (R). This is one of the Parliament marks used on halfcrowns of type 3a3, which dates this coin to 1644-45.

As is often the case with half crowns of the 1640s, the flan is mis-shaped instead of being round. Quantity rather than quality mattered most when it was struck, for a huge amount of cash was needed to pay the troops in the Parliamentary army. The coin looks to be clipped but is probably the correct weight. Rather than being brought about through long circulation, the flat and weak areas will be due to a poor strike at the Tower Mint.


Paul’s coin could not be described as an outstanding specimen but it is in average condition for the period and shouldn’t be worth any less than £50.

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