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Edward III, half groat

Duncan Eccles said that after searching the internet he managed to identify this coin as an Edward III pre-treaty, London halfgroat of series C. I was asked to grade it and give him an idea of its possible value.

The mint is London, the mint mark on both sides is a square with four horizontal incuse petals, the letter R has a wedge-shaped tail, the letter M is Lombardic and the C and E are closed. All this adds up to the coin being a London halfgroat of Edward III, which was struck during series C of the pre-treaty period. Therefore, Duncan’s identification is correct.

On the obverse the king’s face is weak, it has been struck slightly off centre, there are some faint scratches but the coin is otherwise Fine. The reverse would grade Fine but this side has also been struck off centre.


Series C halfgroats are amongst the least scarce of the pre-treaty period of Edward III. In its present condition this specimen would be worth around £25.

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