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Alexander III penny

This is another coin from Michael Young’s collection of detecting finds. It’s a penny of Alexander III of Scotland, who came to the throne in 1249 but was killed in 1286 when during darkness he rode his horse over a cliff.

The coin is an example of class E of the second coinage of Alexander III, which commenced in 1280. On the obverse is a crowned head facing left with a sceptre in front of the king’s face.

The reverse has a mullet of five points in each angle. On this side the legend reads REX SCO TOR VM+. There is an extra pellet in the SCO quarter and two extra pellets in the VM+ quarter.


Having a total of 20 points on the mullets and extra pellets in two quarters makes this penny a scarce variety. It is in Fine condition but, sadly, it has two pieces missing from its edge. Without the edge chips I’d have said more but with them I’d price the coin no higher than £20 – £25.

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