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Edward I pennies

Here is a pair of hammered silver coins, both of which were sent in by John Lashmar to be identified and valued.

Durham penny of Edward I 

The first is a class 10c-f penny of Edward I, on which the reverse legend reads CIVI TAS DVR EME and the mint mark is a cross moline.

Therefore, the mint is Durham and this penny was struck for the profit of Bishop Bec.  The coin is in Fine condition so to a collector it should be worth £20.   

Newcastle penny of Edward I 

Coin number two is another Edward I penny with a legend on the reverse that reads VILL NOVI CAS TRI. On the obverse the legend starts with EDAWR R so the coin is an example of class 10ab.

This coin was struck at Newcastle and the class is listed in the Standard Catalogue as number 1409B.  It is flat in one area but is otherwise in Fine condition so my price range would be £17-20.

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