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Denarius of Lucretius Trio

Here is another Roman coin from the group sent in by Mike and John Ruczynski. It’s another silver denarius but this one was struck during the period that Rome was supposed to be a democratic Republic.

On the obverse is the right-facing head of Neptune, with a trident and a control number behind.  On the reverse is the figure of a winged boy riding on the back of a dolphin, below which is L LVCRETI TRIO in two lines.

Denarii of this type were issued during 76 BC under the authority of L. Lucretius Trio.  In volume I of David Sear’s Roman Coins and Their Values the type is listed as number 322.    


This coin would grade no better than Fair so it must have been in circulation for several years. It’s not a particularly scarce coin so in its present condition my price range would be no higher than £15-20.

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