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Edward I farthing

Colin Pearson said he thought I might be interested in seeing this coin. It’s an Edward I farthing, which will be only about 12mm in diameter but the illustrations are greatly enlarged.

All farthings of Edward I used to be quite rare, especially those struck at the provincial mints. However, today most are fairly common due to the very high number of specimens that have been unearthed by detectorists.

The obverse of Colin’s find is weak at the bottom left but is otherwise very sharply struck. The illustration of the reverse shows weakness on the bottom edge; this side is double struck but is otherwise quite nice,

The coin is an example of class 3de and the mint is Bristol. As mentioned above, Edward I farthings from the provincial mints are not as rare as they used to be but those struck at Bristol are still rare. The strike of Colin’s coin isn’t perfect but after doing a bit of swift research I didn’t manage to trace a better specimen.

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