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Reader solves mystery of “FOLK” badge

In October, Colin Barton sent in this badge which read “FOLK”. In the original article, below, I asked if any readers knew what it was. In a comment on the article Mark Holloway has identified it as being from a Norfolk or Suffolk military shoulder title.

The image shows the complete shoulder title of the Suffolk regiment

Original article

Do you folk know what this badge is?

This copper-alloy find came in from Colin Barton. It is probably a badge, which is made up of four letters (FOLK) with an attachment loop on the back.

Colin wondered if it was what was left of a badge that originally read SUFFOLK. The illustration of the front suggests that it is in its ‘as made’ state with nothing missing from the right-hand end. If a part had broken off I would expect that end to be ragged but it looks exactly like the other end.

Having said that I think this find is in its ‘as made’ condition why would anyone want a badge with just FOLK on it? If visitors to this website have any plausible ideas then do let me know.

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Mark Holloway
Mark Holloway
2 years ago

Norfolk / Suffolk , military shoulder title