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DNW – Coins and Historical Medals – 2 February

DNW, Coins and Historical Medals

DNW’s auction of Coins and Historical Medals was held on 2 February 2021. The full catalogue and bidding instructions can be found here. The auction includes a wide range of coins, including British, Irish and Roman.

Some good prices achieved, some significantly above the top estimate. Hammer prices are subject to a Buyer’s Premium of 24% (plus VAT, where applicable). 

My selection of the lots is shown below:

Lot 2, Atrebates and Regni, Quarter-Stater

Obverse: degraded head of apollo.

Reverse: Triple tailed horse with sunflower above.

Found by a detectorist in Gotherington, Gloucestershire in 2010. 

Estimate: £150 – £200

Hammer: £850

Lot 11, Beornwulf ,Penny

Minted in London, moneyer Ceolheard.

Extremely rare, possibly unique.

Found in Andover, Hampshire in 2019.


Estimate: £1,500 – £2,000

Hammer: £4,400

Lot 38, William and Mary, Guinea




Estimate: £1,000 – £1,200

Hammer: £2,000

Lot 42, William III, Halfpenny

Although not in very good condition, this coin is extremely rare.


Estimate: £200 – £260


Lot 55, George IV, Sovereign


This was the first of two Sovereigns issued by George IV. It has a laureate portrait (the second was bare-headed).  Saint George and the Dragon on the reverse, which is the best known work by the Italian engraver, Benedetto Pistrucci.

Estimate: £500 – £600

Hammer: £750

Lot 99, Victoria Penny


An example of brockage: where a coin gets stuck in the die and forms an incuse (concave) impression on one side.


Estimate: £100 – £150

Hammer: £460

Lot 142, Edward IV, Irish Penny



Estimate: £100 – £120

Hammer: £280

Lot 153, Charles I, Sixpence


An example of Ormonde Money: crude coins struck from silver plate in Ireland in 1643-44 and issued by the Lord Justice of Ireland, the Earl of Ormonde.

Estimate: £100 – £150

Hammer: £280

Lot 159, James II, Crown


An example of Gunmoney, minted in base metal by James II, with the intention that they would be redeemed for silver coins. As things became more desperate, higher denominations were overstruck on lower, in this case a crown on a half crown.

Estimate: £200 – £260

Hammer: £280

Lot 175, Ireland, Halfcrown


Inscribed with  “Saorstát Éireann” , which translates as Irish Free State.

Estimate: £300 – £400

Hammer: £280

Lot 480, Louis IV of Bavaria, Esterlin

A continental copy of an Edward II penny, with an eagle replacing pellets in one quarter on the the reverse.


Estimate: £150 – £200

Hammer: £480

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