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Cattle and Barber silver token

This is the first English silver token that I’ve had on the website. They do turn up as detecting finds but they tend to be near the area in which they were put into circulation. This token was found by Paul Marland and was originally made for Cattle and Barber of York. In the centre on one side is a shield bearing the arms of York and on the other is Cattle and Barber.

Due to the lack of small change, in the last couple of decades of the 18th century lots of traders issued copper tokens. By 1810 there was also a shortage of silver coins so traders started to issue silver tokens.


Paul’s find is a bit discoloured but is otherwise in about VF condition. A large number must have been made, for York tokens of this type are not particularly scarce today. In its present condition this specimen would be worth £30 – £40.

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