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Detectorists Christmas Special

If you’re a fan of the BBC show Detectorists then you’re be pleased to hear that Lance and Andy are returning for a one-off 75 minute Christmas special. It will be aired at 9pm on Boxing Day on BBC2.

In its Christmas television preview, the BBC said: “The Danebury Metal Detecting Club is in trouble; developers are sniffing around, and after losing out on a big finder’s fee, the club is going to need a miracle to help save their beloved scout hall. So when Lance manages to secure a permission to search ten acres of prime, undetected land, it looks like things could be on the up. But when a mysterious relic is unearthed, Lance breaks protocol, threatening his friendship with Andy and the future of the DMDC.”

The show was last broadcast in 2017. Mackenzie Crook, who writes the show, said “Since we last made Detectorists, a lot has changed. the village hall, where the DMDC hold their weekly meetings, has been demolished and replaced with a new building. The familiarity and safety of the Danebury Scout Hall is an important part of the show, so we found a very similar hall in a nearby village and dressed it to look like the original. I’m pretty sure only the most eagle-eyed of viewers will notice any differences.

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