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Denarius of Julius Caesar

Roman silver coins were struck during the period that Rome was a Republic and later on during the Imperial period. Between these two timespans was the Imperatorial period, when great men vied for supreme power.

This Roman coin was struck during the Imperatorial period. It was found by Phil Thomson, who asked me to give him further details and a valuation.

Phil’s find is a denarius, which was struck for Julius Caesar. On the obverse is the head of Ceres and a legend (anticlockwise, starting by the neck of Ceres) that reads DICT ITER COS TERT. On the reverse are emblems of the augurate and pontificate with AVGVR above, PONT MAX below and a letter M to the right. It was struck during 46 BC but the mint is uncertain. In volume I of David Sear’s Roman Coins and Their Values denarii of this type are listed as number 1403/2.


Both sides have been struck off centre; the obverse is VF but the reverse is weak in places and only good Fine. This isn’t a particularly rare denarius but is in better condition than most other coins I have seen of the same period. I would price it at £220.

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