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Denarius of Elagabalus

This Roman silver coin was unearthed by Rob Warwick, who asked if I would provide a valuation on his find.

The coin is a denarius of Elagabalus. On the obverse is a laureate bust of the emperor facing right and the surrounding legend reads IMP ANTONINVS AVG. This emperor was originally named Varius Avitus Bassianus but it was changed to M. Aurelius Antoninus. After being appointed priest of the Sun-God Elagabalus this emperor became known by that name. Detectorists sometimes believe that his coins were struck for Antoninus Pius.

On the reverse is the enthroned figure of Fortuna holding a cornucopia and a rudder set upon a globe. The legend on this side reads P M TR P II COS II P P. In volume II of David Sear’s Roman Coins and Their Values denarii of this type are listed as number 7529. They were struck at Rome in AD 219.


The coin is rather dark in colour and has a striking crack in the edge but is otherwise in near VF condition. It’s not a scarce type so in its present condition my price range would be no higher than £25-30.

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