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Continental sterling of Jean I of Brabant

The coin featured here came in from Tony Quin and is obviously not English. It’s a Continental sterling and would have circulated in England alongside many others near the end of the 13th century.

On the obverse is a rampant lion in a shield and the legend reads +DVX BRABANTE. On the reverse there is a voided long cross with I D EIG RAT IA in the outer angles. In the inner angles is W A L T, which is the name of the moneyer.

This sterling was struck for Jean (or John) I of Brabant, which was a duchy situated in the Low Countries. Jean I became Duke of Brabant in 1268 and he also became Lord of Limburg in 1288. The illustrated coin was struck at a mint situated in Louven (in present-day Belgium).


I’ve seen a few similar coins that have turned up as detecting finds in the UK. This specimen has some flat areas but is otherwise in Fine+ condition. It’s not a rare starling, so I would price it no higher than £35.

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